Sutter School

As related by Mrs. Mary E. Brandt, 1976
     "I want to tell you about the old school house.  Miss Nannie. Sutter (pronounced Suit-er), an aunt of Fred Sutter’s, was the school teacher for the first grade for many years.  They had two teachers in the school — one for the first grade and one for the rest of the grades.  The other was Miss Emma — I can’t remember her last name, but she was an aunt of J. J. Hayden’s.
     So the children in Pass Christian would go to Miss Nannie in the first grade and Miss Emma (Walter) would take over and teach them up to the 8th grade.  That was all they had until about 1908 or 1909.

Eaton Adlai Lang, Sr. related ---
     “Yes, I can remember it as a boy when it was right close to the street and was occupied by a family named Kestner.  But the Misses Davis, sisters, were instrumental in organizing the county (Town) library.  Miss Irene was very active in this.  They had the building moved back and remodeled it and had a library on the west side of it. And there was a small private school on the east side and to the rear.  It was taught by Miss Nannie Sutter.  She taught the elementary grades there — did not attempt high school.  But it was a very well thought of school and a wonderful lady who operated it.  She was Frank Sutter’s sister, and Fred Sutter’s aunt.”

Of the Heaslips
Cora Heaslip, daughter of Commander and Ms Samuel F. Heaslip visited the Pass in March 1957.  When Heaslip died in 1916, the Heaslips moved to New Orleans.  Cora and her husband Carl E. Smith sought out the former Heaslip home at the West End of the Pass and the old Sutter School, which as a youngster she had attended at the old Town Library.

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